We have a team of hard working volunteers who honour God with their service. Volunteers serve in many different areas, including: Cafe, House Keeping, Ushering, Kids Church, Media and IT, Music, and more.

Why volunteer?

We volunteer because we love God in return for all His love towards us. As such, we want to give our time, talents and resources towards causes that will advance the work of God’s kingdom on earth. This includes serving in your local church or community.

When we volunteer, we not only give but we also receive. We build meaningful relationships and we enjoy the fellowship of those we serve alongside, and the blessings of obedience to God’s word. There is joy and fulfillment in volunteering!

How can I volunteer?

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At ICC, our dedicated team of volunteers serve in various ministries such as Cafe, House Keeping, Ushering/Welcoming, Kids Church, Media and IT, and more. Each ministry has specific requirements and the team leader will orientate you to them and ensure that all the requirements for volunteering are met.

You can sign up to volunteer with any ministry of your passion, using the form below.


    Sign up to volunteer

    Fill out and submit the form below to let us know you want to volunteer, and we will get back to you.